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Business Intelligence and Apps platform


One modern data platform to manage your entire business

Analyzing data

All your data, on any device, fast and secure. Cloud and 100% browser based.

Connect people with the data they need to drastically improve business results.

All data and content in the platform is showed in Cards. We combine together Data Cards and App Cards so you can trully work with data, no matter it is outbound data (Charts, Tables, Maps,...), or it is inbound data (web forms, calendars, files,...).

With this main idea we offer you one platform to make sense of all your data in one tool and to accomplish hundreds of solutions. It can be used to work in-house with departments or work with external providers and customers, using it a a pure cloud Business Intelligence platform, with or without Big Data Analytics, to have a 360º view of your business.

Features at a glance

Data-centric platform

The data and the apps content are organized in Spaces, each of which contains Pages, which in turn are composed of Cards.

Custom Apps & Navigation

Combine data analysis with custom applications on the same platform. Custom menus allow you to create the navigation elements you need.

Alert Center

Recognize the facts and business opportunities as they arise in the data itself by setting up control rules in the Business Indicators (KPIs).

Data Center

Manage all your data from a centralized panel. Model Data Sets and Data Views using the Data Connectors you need.

Configurable data warehouse

The platform works with a centralized data warehouse, with direct connection and performing dynamic queries for always fresh data. Currently supported data warehouses are MongoDB, Google BigQuery and SQL databases.

Data Sharing

Make your data proactive by sharing the right information with the right people. Report Scheduler lets you share a single card or an entire page as PDF, CSV, Excel, Print o Email.

Admin Center

Manage Users (and their profiles), along with User Groups, Security Roles, Organization settings, activity log and content structure (Spaces + Pages + Cards).

Data Actions

Initiate actions across nearly any application directly from your data. Anything from executing a process to sending a notification. Save hours every day by automating or triggering periodic tasks based on custom criteria.

Meaningful Data

Data visualizations help you tell a complete story. Create easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards. Easily share data-rich charts and tables anytime from any device.

Collaborative, Flexible, Organized, Controlled.

The platform provides a full RESTful API that enables programmatic access to all its functionalities.

Architected for Security from the start, to keep your data secure.

Secure User Access with HTTPS in all pages and industry-standard encryption using the TLS protocol to secure network traffic between users and the platform.

Data Governance with Custom Data Permissions (CDP) to give users or groups the exact data they need to get the job done. CDP policies work dynamically on live data.

Related Datuary services

Enterprise Web Apps

We offer you our line of design and development of Web Applications for the development of your Application Cards. Almost any need you have can be implemented as a set of cards with the platform's personalized navigation system.

Business Intelligence

We can help you define your Central Data Warehouse, perform the Data Integration processes, design and define the necessary data visualization elements.

Big Data

When you use bulk, complex or special data sources in your business, we offer you our Big Data service line for companionship all the way.

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