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Process Automation Platform


One modern platform to manage all your business processes

Analyzing data

Manage all your business processes from any device, fast and secure. Cloud and 100% browser based.

The platform arises from the need to provide the power, versatility and, above all, speed of coding, execution and control of the necessary data processes in almost any Business Intelligence or Big Data project (known as Data Integration). Beyond this functionality, our Process Automation platform has the most diverse uses such as:

  • Automated backups
  • Massive sending of notifications, sms, emails, ...
  • Automatic interaction with APIs
  • Integration with applications to perform business transactions
  • Real-time reading of sensor data (Internet Of Things - IoT)
  • Streaming of data in real time (Industry 4.0, Social Media platforms, etc.)

Features at a glance

Job centric platform

Manage your processes using any number of custom Jobs, each of which can contain any number of Steps and even other Jobs. We manage each Execution separately so that you can analyze the generated metadata later.

100% Customizable

Our Step Catalog include the most common tasks. We can build your custom Steps to perform the needed functionality. Let's start processing!

Job Scheduler

Run your processes on demand, set their priorities, specify the processing server that will be used, and schedule them with full precision specifying the recurring time patterns you need.


Build custom data pipelines using your business logic. Series, parallel, conditionals... steps with any number of inputs and outputs acting as black boxes with the process behaviour inside.

ETL + Data Integration

The platform allows you to cleanse, combine and transform your data. Connect to the needed Data Sources, extract your data, transform it with custom Steps and load it into your Data Stores using our comprehensive ETL tool.

Distributed platform

Use in-house Agents to move on-premise data securely to the cloud. We can install a Data Agent inside your network (or any cloud server) that will connect to your databases and apps and safely transfer the resulting data to the cloud or other on-premise destinations.

Data Center

Manage all your data from a centralized panel. Model Data Sets for resulting data in the data store of your choose. Use any Data Connector for source and destination data. All your data accounts in one place.

Admin Center

Manage Users (and their profiles), along with User Groups, Security Roles, Organization settings, activity log and process metadata structure (Jobs + Steps + Executions).

Data Actions

Initiate actions across nearly any application directly from your data. Anything from executing a process to sending a notification. Save hours every day by automating or triggering periodic tasks based on custom criteria.

Collaborative, Flexible, Organized, Controlled.

The platform provides a full RESTful API that enables programmatic access to all its functionalities.

Architected for Security from the start, to keep your data secure.

Secure User Access with HTTPS in all pages and industry-standard encryption using the TLS protocol to secure network traffic between users and the platform.

Feature rich, mobile friendly and affordable for organizations of any size.

Use Reports and Dashboards to analyse your processes executions

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