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Enterprise Web Apps


Implement your business processes in web applications, facilitate the daily work with documents, power internal and external collaboration, increase the productivity of your assets

What does it consist of?

What does it consist of?

Enterprise Web Applications allow you to manage and record the internal and external operations and processes of your company or organization. The main advantages are the important cost savings and time savings, by helping the modern company in their digital transformation path.

How I use it?

How I use it?

The Web Applications we make are tailor-made, scalable, distributed, accessible via the web, deployed in the cloud, collaborative, secure, data centered, easy to use, self manageable and beautiful. Collaborate with your team, share documents, increase the productivity of your company or organization.

What benefits do I get?

What benefits do I get?

Manage your organization's operations and processes with Web Applications. Improve the way you work by doing the same tasks in less time, communicate more effectively, anywhere, 24 hours a day. Access your applications from any device connected to the Internet.

Our services

Design and implementation of User Interfaces

We are specialists in design of User Interfaces (UI), design of User Experience (UX) and Design of Interaction (IxD). In addition to working together to define the sketches or mockups of your application, we have the experience to develop the "client" part of a web application, using the same cutting edge technologies that use the applications of Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Coursera, Dropbox, Netflix or Spotify.

Design and implementation of Backends

We have a large team specialized in the design and implementation of the "server" part of a web application. We define with you the API of your application so that it is used by "client" applications or integrated with third-party applications or systems. We use secure access to data in our platform with BIG DATA support on JSON technology, very fast and scalable.

Full Implementation of Web Applications

We perform all the development of your application, from its design to the final implementation, including the "client" part and the "server" part. Our web applications use the best development practices and last generation technologies that guarantee robustness and high scalability, to support thousands of concurrent users, on servers in the cloud that we ourselves manage for you.

Integration with third party systems and applications

As Data Specialists and Information Integration specialists, we have a technological platform capable of developing customized connectors so that your existing applications and systems communicate with third parties. Our data-driven approach ensures that all valuable information is used appropriately at the point needed. Thanks to technologies like Node.js we can literally connect anything with anything.

What applications can I implement in my company?

Sales Force and Marketing

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Fleet Control and Product Distribution

Resource Planning and Calendars

Document Management and File Storage

Instant Messaging, Notifications and Alerts

Online Collaboration, Activity History and Social Network

Human resources management

Marketing Plan Management

Event management (meetings, tasks, calls)

For any need you have, shall we talk?

Main components for your Web Applications

1. Document Management

Simplify the management of the documents and files that the company needs for its daily activity in a single platform.

2. Business Calendars

They simplify the management of the daily work events that the company manages, such as meetings, business visits, support tasks, etc.

3. Business Forms

They allow the management of information, being able to list, create, edit or delete data entities.

4. Interactive Maps and Advanced Cartography

View your business information with maps and cartographic layers. Add the space dimension to the rest of variables to be able to work and make the best business decisions.

5. Charts and Data Tables

We apply to web applications the data visualization components used in Dashboards and Interactive Panes that we create in Business Intelligence and Big Data projects.

6. Tailor made components

We develop customized applications according to your needs, adjusting ourselves in time and budget using our agile methodology of developing projects.

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