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  • We make complex things

    Know what happened.
    Understand why it happened.
    Estimate what will happen.

    Make the best decisions based on data.
    Large volumes of data treated
    with the best technologies.

    Real time analytics to save time and money
    in the management of the company.
    Compete with Information to keep your competitive advantage.

    Tailor-made, collaborative, data-centric, secure.
Who we are

Who we are

Datuary is a technology company specialized in creating BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE and BIG DATA solutions, integrated with custom ENTERPRISE WEB APPS. Our main office is located in Murcia (Spain), and we work with customers all over the world.

What we do

What we do

As your Data Engineers we accompany you and guide you throughout the journey that involves the management and use of all the information of interest to your organization. We build solutions for DECISION MAKING and PROCESS IMPROVEMENT.

Why we do it

Why we do it

We are a group of engineers with an average experience of 10 years, we like to solve problems and our focus is on helping our customers achieve their goals using the latest technologies in information management.

Why choose us

Our reason for being is to help our customers to be better and to always maintain their competitive advantage.

We work with our customers with relationships of closeness, trust and long-term commitment.

We are engineers with a wide experience, we like the challenges and give them solution. We make complex things simple.

We attach great importance to technology, we strive to be up to date, use the best tools available.


A unique platform to work with your data and custom Web Applications.

Secure access up to thousands users to view, work and make decisions with data.

Implement your Business Processes with business applications that are collaborative and accessible 24 hours from any device with an Internet connection.

A unique platform to automate your business processes.

We implement any needs that are expressible through source code and require connecting to data sources and data destinations under a custom time schedule.

This includes multiple case studies, such as: Data Integration (ETL), File Backups, Communications (mass mailings, SMS, notifications in applications), etc.

Plan your Agricultural Production

React in Real Time to changes

Control your Crop Cycles

Optimize Your Harvest Forecast

Cloud application on Big Data platform


Managing information in organizations is now a key tool in order to survive in a changing, dynamic and global market.

Business Intelligence provides a set of tools that help us in making decisions in our organization.

Large volumes of data treated with the best technologies.

Real time analytics to save time and money in the management of the company.

Implement your business processes in web applications, facilitate the daily work with documents, power internal and external collaboration, increase the productivity of your assets.

We use Open Source Software to implement your projects

Save costs in LICENSES and avoid proprietary TECHNOLOGIES

Tell us your project

We are happy to talk to you about the needs of your company.

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Un poco de historia

El equipo fundador de DatuaryAlberto Morales y 

Desarrollador Javascript Full Stack en Murcia
Buscamos desarrollador Javascript Full Stack en Murcia

¿Qué buscamos?

Buscamos personas apasionadas del desarrollo de software, innovadoras, proactivas que se conviertan en parte importante de nuestra empresa a largo plazo.

Datuary presente en el IV Foro de la Industria en FREMM

El Jueves 23 de Noviembre Datuary participará en el IV Foro de la Industria Metalmecánica de Tecnología de Vanguardia donde mostraremos los últimos avances de sistemas de Big Data aplicados al sector de Industria 4.0. 

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