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The ingredients we use in our projects allow you to take advantage of web and data standards and to have savings in software licenses

Business Intelligence

Our solutions use open technology in all stages: data storage, data processing and data analysis. We bet on data standards, such as SQL and JSON.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database that enables companies of all sizes to be more agile. Perfect with Enterprise Web Applications, it is fast, flexible and scalable, with high-performance, high availability and prepared for Big Data.

MySQL is the world's most widely used open source SQL database with more than six million installations. With a breadth of tools available, it is perfect for a traditional Data Warehouse based on relational structures.

PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced and most versatile open source SQL databases in the world. Depending on the project, we use it as a traditional Central Data Warehouse based on relational structures.

Redis is an open source system for storing and caching data in key-value mode. It is extremely fast and versatile and it allows to manage all kinds of data in memory. It is ideal for providing real-time access to data in Business Web Applications.

Google Data Studio is a cloud tool that allows you to build and share powerful data visualizations. It connects to enterprise data sources and enables collaborative work, thanks to being based on the Google Suite platform and being part of the Google Cloud offering.

Zoho Reports is an online Reporting and Business Intelligence service. With multiple functionalities and possibilities, it allows organizations to manage all their analytical information with a very good value for money.

Big Data

Large volumes of data treated with the best technologies. We use an agile approach to get fast results with versatile technologies.

Big Query is a business enterprise data warehouse service in the cloud, part of the Google Cloud offering. It is very fast, scalable and versatile. It uses SQL syntax to query millions of records in a few seconds.

Google Cloud is a complete cloud services platform. It allows to approach many projects with guarantees, such as application development, mass data storage, Big Data services, etc.

Hadoop is an open source software framework that supports applications with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data. Inspired by the Google documents for MapReduce and Google File System (GFS), written in Java, it allows implementing Big Data solutions.

Spark is a clustered data computing framework, allowing real-time data analysis. Spark comes within the Hadoop open source family and its HDFS file system, but it allows for performance 100 times faster than MapReduce.

Enterprise Web Applications

We use open technology to build our Web Applications, both languages and tools. We are committed to the Internet standards HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

NodeJS is a server side platform written in JavaScript that allows us to build fast and scalable Enterprise Web Applications. Completely modular, allows to interact with open services, API REST and endless possibilities.

ReactJS is a front-end framework written in Javascript that allows us to develop dynamic web applications. Maintained and led by Facebook, it serves to build the graphical interface and the data management in the browser of the Business Web Applications.

ReduxJS is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. It allows endowing of robustness and scalability in the data management to any web application, from the simple to the complex.

The acronym PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps and is a set of practices and standard technologies aimed at making very powerful web applications, close to native mobile applications, with all the advantages of offline support, the speed of having cached content, with push notifications included, etc.

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